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Comment to Mathematics


The Syllabus on mathematics need to be structured in such a way that the child is made to feel Mathematics as an exploring and fascinating subject.

The actual execution of this syllabus must be to realize a meaningful change for mental growth. The testing methods must be clearly stated and memorization as a method of evaluation should not be given a seat in order to achieve the aims in real sense. Testing and evaluation has to be unified and thoroughly clarified for the students and parents.

The history of Maths must be taught to make the child understand the development of the subject. The origin of ideas like Trigonometry, Angles, theorems, etc. can be stated to make the subject more interesting. Information about the great contributions made by mathematicians could be given in suitable doses to children right from third standard. We call “ History of Mathematics” could help in filling the gap between mathematicians and their great abstract ideas.

The topic “Life measurements / Mathematics” should be strengthened by really making it a useful topic to relate abstract of Mathematics to real life problems. Mathematics should be linked with everyday life so that the application of Maths be felt in its real sense.

It is sad that the ‘Set language’ concepts are coming very late in the School program. It can be introduced in Std III itself. For mental structuring, abstraction and anatiyation Practices - study on ‘SETS’ will play a good role. It should not be pushed back.

Reasoning out (or to use the big word-Logical argumentation) has the capacity to strengthen a students mental, analytical ability. Logic may be introduced in school level as it plays a strong mathematical foundation for many subjects and specially the computer science.

Each component of the Syllabus is to be explained with illustration and examples of practical nature so that the students will have the correct perspective of Mathematics in its real sense.

In addition to the suggestions made above the other changes needed in the Draft Common Syllabus on Mathematics released in the official website of DTERT.
Measurements : The sub topic cylinder; sphere; hemisphere and cone may be felt too heavy for Std. VIII, hence, may be carried to Std IX.
Life Mathematics : Difference between CI and SI for 3 years may be felt too heavy for Std. VIII, hence, may be carried to Std. IX.
Practical Geometry   In construction of quadrilateral only measures of sides (not with angles) is to be taught in Std. VIII.
STD IX    
Number System : Modular Arithmetic is useful for daily life. Simple modular may be introduced.
Algebra : Statement problems to solve in 2 variables is to be introduced as it is useful to form the equation of practical nature.
Life Maths : CI; SI difference 3 years - fraction of ‘N’ is to be used because the student can use this in daily life.
Measurements : Direct problems in SA; TSA; Vol of Sphere; Cone; Cylinder (Simple problem only) is to be introduced in Std IX because it may help the students to analyse by themselves.
Statistics : Grouped data maths is to be introduced Σ f in std IX as it of real time use.
Practical Geometry : Construction of ordinary quadrilaterals with angles is to be introduced in Std. IX
STD X    
Number Theory : GP is to be added.
II(a). Log : Understanding the concept of Log will help the students in many ways. (Students use logarithmic table in science practical calculation). Hence, Log must find a place in Std X Syllabus.
Algebra : Since 2 variables is suggested for Std IX, 3 variables may be introduced in Std X.
Relation between roots and co-efficients in quadratic equation should be added in Std. X as it provides sound foundation for higher Mathematics.
III(a). life Mathematics : R.D. / F D; Quarterly interest half yearly interest should find its place in the Syllabus for Std X as it is used in everyday life.
V(a). Measurement : Combined figures or shapes of cylinder; cone; sphere; hemisphere (water problem, Raise in the level of Water). It is very useful for the everyday life. Moreover skill of Manual calculation should be reinforced at all levels.
IV. Co-ordinate Geometry : Concurrent of 3 lines, finding circumcenter, orthocenter and incentre of triangles may be introduced as it will be useful for higher studies in Mathematics.
V. Geometry : Pythagoras theorem with simple riders may be introduced. It will be of use in daily life skill of problem solving in enriched through riders.
VIII. Statistics : Measures of dispersion including co-efficient of Variation may be introduced.
It is helpful for higher statistics.
X. Practical Geometry : Construction of mean Propotional b2 = ac
It is helpful for higher studies in Mathematics.