Why is it named Lexindica

LexIndicaLex means law. INDICA is the book written by Magesthanes a Chinese ambassador in the Mauryan Empire of Chandra Gupta, upon his experiences in India while he served as the Ambassador. Though the travel notes of Nicolo Conti and the Travels of Morcopolo speaks about the Indian societies and their culture much prior to Indica they just remain as the travel notes of those authors. Indica is the first book that speaks on the societal and cultural history of the Mauryan Dynasty of India. Through this site it is attempted to bring the Indian laws as far as practicable in a common man’s language in the web. This site is the first of its kind in India hence it is named as LEXINDICA.

P.B. Suresh Babu profile

Advocate was born on 07.11.78. Graduated in law and enrolled in the Tamilnadu Bar council on 03.03.2001 as an advocate. Practicing generally in all matters in Civil Law such as Suits for recovery of Money, Partition, Declaration etc., Consumer Disputes, Matrimonial Disputes, Complaints under Domestic Violence Act, Labour and Company Cases. Deliveres opinions on title to documents. Handles cases under section 138 of NI Act.

Presented a paper at the National workshop on “Facilitating Public transportation for Persons with Disabilities” held during the 22nd to 24th of March, 2008 at Dravidian University- Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh. This paper is published in this website.

Several interviews have been published in reputed Tamil weekly and fortnight magazines. Specifically in Rani –tamil weekly, 20.04.2008 issue pg. 36. copy of these magazines available in this site.

P. Balagopal profile

BalagopalAdvocate Shri P. Balagopal was born on 16.07.1929. He completed his Bachelor of Arts from Madras Christian College, Tambaram and his Law Course from Madras Law College. He got enrolled as an Advocate on 12.03.1956 (Enrl No. 202 / 56). He joined the Office of Thiru S. Ramachandra Iyer who latter became the Judge and subsequently Chief Justice of Madras High Court and later, joined with Thiru K. Veerasamani, who also became a Judge and Chief Justice as a Junior Advocate. For him Advocate profession was to fight social injustice. He has put forward his views on the Backward Class issue before the Amba Sankar Commission. He opposed the transfer of Judges from one state to another. He was a member of several elite clubs but he was equally proud to be the

president of Barber’s Association and worked to the social emancipation of depressed classes. Ever loving, highly philosophy gentlemen, he used to spend many important festive days at YMCA Boys town and several other orphanage along with his children, feeding the poor and castaway. For him books were the best friends widely read, he had in depth knowledge in all most all religion including, Vedas, epics, bibles of all authorship quran, Zoraster, Confucius, laotse and many more. Right from Chauser down to 20th Century Poets, he missed none. Not attracted towards, power, money or glory, he was humbly, self reliant and valiant fighter till his last breath. Few of his papers on law subjects have been placed under the field Publications.