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icon  Sir, as reported in newspapers, the Hon\'ble High Court has interrogated the TN Government on three significant aspects. Each and every day of delay mounts more and more pressure on the part of students of all standards, especially on 10th standard students. Students are tensed and parents are worried because of the chaos and confusion as to which book they have to study and what is going to be the pattern of examination. I went through the texts covered in samacheer kalvi books for 10th. According to me, they contain a good standard. In my opinion, the lessons can be easily understood and thoroughly revised by the students. The strenuous efforts put in by eminent scholars and respectable educational experts are visualised. A conscientious and impartial analysis of the textbooks indicates the hardwork behind the presentation of the syllabus, compilation of texts and presentation with simple but candid illustrations. I therefore wish that Samacheer Kalvi be implemented for all standards from this academic year itself. Let us not go back by again splitting the students in various streams for standards. Let there be only 2 streams for X standard. One of course the CBSE and the other let it be SAMACHEER KALVI. If at all any additional lessons are contemplated, if and only if, the same may be considered for adding after some years by providing information about such addition sufficiently well in advance. It is to be borne in mind that delay of each and every day adds more and more pressure on the students.

Moorthy SK

icon  Samacheer Kalvi system is a gift to our students. Question patterns are on par with other renowned syllabi. Analytical questions are introduced. At least it should be implemented to all Govt. and Govt. aided schools. Samacheer Kalvi is no way inferior to CBSE and other syllabi. I appeal the administrator to implement at least to State Board Schools. If Matriculation schools do not accept, give them their choice. Really Govt. State Board Schools need Samacheer Kalvi Books atleast. I appeal to the educationists to strive for this.

J. John Jildoss, Sebathiapuram

icon  The quality of content in ‘Samacheer Kalvi\' books was good as compared to Matriculation books, “the standard of syllabus is far better than the earlier matriculation textbooks and almost on par with CBSE syllabus.”
Matriculation textbooks of the yesteryears were published by many private publishers — who made the books bulkier with unnecessary subjects to obtain more money from parents. He said that ‘Samacheer Kalvi\' books were scientifically prepared and designed in an attractive manner to create interest in learning among students

“Samacheer Kalvi\' syllabus is a blend of the expertise of teachers from government schools and dedicated matriculation school teachers that will definitely create a positive impact among the students.” However, it would take a year or two for parents to understand the merits of ‘Samacheer Kalvi\' education and erase misconceptions. The syllabus would eliminate inconveniences faced by students who get transferred from one district to the other.

V. Jeyabal, Palayamkottai

icon  How wonderfully the new cabinet has found out in a moment that the long planned and systematically built \'Samacheer Kalvi \' text books are worthless !

How many endless days of toil of dedicated experts are put to mere waste by a single malicious order?

How many lakhs and lakhs of trees would have been cut for preparing these crores of banned text books?

Long live the associates of the book merchants who passed the orders. Long live the people who voted for a change. Many such thunders are yet to come.


icon  The Govt announced change in books, why is this change how will the 6th student who studied samacheer kalvi last year go back to Matric syb again. Again fee will go up high , who can fight in the school . we want samacheerkalvi again back


icon  I was really shocked about the decision of the cabinet. we can do somthing to retain the equatable education. can we file a PIL for this?


icon  By means of CBSE, ISE syllabuses, Hindi is inserted as one of the main subject. And Tamils staying outside tamil nadu have no way to avoid Hindi and cannot learn tamil. Learning in mother tongue and that is also in our tamil language (well riched literature) make the kids more intelligent. There are lots of proof that there are lots of tamils excel in every field. I hope the new samacheer kalvi makes kids to learn in mother-tongue, tamil.

Ravi Kumar, Bangalore - 560032.

icon  in our area for 10th std they stared school on april2011.. they didn\'t give book for our peoples... so kindly take necessary action on daniel thomas matriculation




icon  it is heartening to have the equal level playing ground pattern in education on the imparted sylabus. go ahead and bring in a lequal focus and equal particpation in the knowledge enrichment in the budding youth . thanks

Vijayarghavan.s Chennai 600 088

icon  The eduction shoud not be commercialized. Free education is to be provided to all ciitizens and all private schools to be closed. Government responsibility to provide free education, good drinking water to all citizens.


icon  my son is studying in vellammal matriculation school - mogappair , chennai - i have seen the fee structure in your web site but it is not implemented in the school whether they will implement or not ?


icon  current Istd lessons are not taught as per the guide lines given by common syllubus in any matriculation school.Is there any watch dog to check them.all mat.schools teaching common syllabus in matric style.There is no weapon to cotroll the businessmen(owners of matric school)

Selvarani Michael

icon  This system of common syllabus is fine but i hope the government thinks where these students will stand a chance in all india level. I hope the standard will meet with the syllabus of the cbse. So that they will be able to compete with the other state students. Do the 10th std student write their public exam for the year 2011-2012. When will the book be available for the 10th students


icon  sir,i want to know whether hindi can be taken as second language for 9 th standard as my daughter who is studying viii std in matriculation has taken hindi as second language and she doen\'t have enough knowledge in tamil .please clarify our doubts

Suresh Srinivasan

icon  No need to add measures of Central tendency in the Class X Syllabus, as they were studied the same in class X. R.D Calculation in Calls Vii may be removed and added to class IX SyllabusParents are in struggle in many schools all over Tamilnadu against the School\'s own fee structure. So, we request you to appeal against the stay order on behalf of the parents.

A.R. Veeraraghavan

icon  Sir,
We are highly disappointed by the Highcourt stay order for the operation of Justice Govindaran Committee Fee Structure.

Parents are in struggle in many schools all over Tamilnadu against the School\'s own fee structure. So, we request you to appeal against the stay order on behalf of the parents.

Kavibharathi Vidhyalaya Students Parents Association
Wimco Nagar, Chennai-57

icon  "From 1 to X. The Computer Science subject and it uses are not included in the Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus. If you include this Computer Subject with Theory & practical session ,it will be more useful to the students to knows the functionalities and uses of Computer and its concepts.Especially rural area and poor students also can know about computer and its concepts in their syallabus itself. Still most of the 90% of Rural side and poor students could not able to learn computers , because of no money to learn and facilities also in their lliving places like computer center to teach the computer.Who are rich and can spend more than 2000 only can able to learn atleast some basics in computer center. But it is not possible for all the student. So our governent is in the situation of to provide thease all facilties to the student. So please include computer subject iwith practical session . If all happends , it will provide job opportunity for the computer gratuates also.".

Senthil Kumar,

icon  "We are sorry to note that no intiative has been made by Govt to prepare textbooks in Urdu and other minority languages for the 1st and 6th std as has been done for Tamil".

Dr. S. Sathikh,
General Secretary-OMEIAT (Former Vice-Chancellor University of Madras)

icon  "My concern is about the syllabus proposed for the new Board. Going through the same, it is observed that the new syllabus is going to be downgraded/demoted for those already in the Matriculation or Anglo Indian Boards. As it is we compare badly with the CBSE and ICSE syllabus. Instead of imposing this demoted syllabus on all, it would be good to upgrade the same to be in line with the CBSE and ICSE so that when the students from all streams merge during graduation they do not have to feel comparitively ill-equipped.

Another concern with the proposal is the introduction of the syllabus to the sixth standard. Rather than rushing to update the syllabus for the sixth as well as the first and make it difficult for the teachers as well as students, it would be good to introduce the syllabus from the first standard. The Matriculation and Anglo Indian Board teachers may cope well with this revision but the State Board teachers will have to go a long way in order to be prepared to teach the upgraded syllabus for a higher class. By implementing the same from the first standard,the teachers can also be trained well from the I std and the students will also not feel the pinch of upgrade/downgrade in syllabus midway. I strongly fear that changing syllabus for the sixth is going to be a disastrous attempt for all.".


icon  "i am studying b.ed in economics. it is use are not? is it used for Samacheerkalvi? please reply immediately. because i spend more money for b.ed. i am also doing double degree(ddp) in B.A(english). is this used for anything?".

Poonamallee. Chennai

icon  "it is a good system of education.Is there any upliftment in the field of drawing?".


icon  "Equitable standard of education can not be achieved just by bringing a uniform syllabus is well established by the forum. Providing equal opportunities to the disadvantaged sects can alone triumph the cause of samacheer kalvi and better infrastructure is also the key to achieve it... think the govt should ply money to education rather than distributing free tv sets and other freebies.".


icon  "the government should add the computer subject also from the first standard onwards.We so many graduates who completed Bed computer science and registered in employment office as well.We are waiting for the posting for last one decade.Please consider this as a request and do the needful.".

Periaraj T,

icon  "it is good to implement this there any chance for computer b.ed canditates."

T.Valarmathi, Namakkal

icon  "இதுநாள் வரையிலான உங்களது அனைத்து செயல்பாடுகளையும் பார்த்து மகிழ்தேன். அனைத்து முயற்சிகளும் வெற்றி அடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள். என்றும் உடனிருப்போம்"


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